Border Security Through Real Estate Development

With the introduction of the border fence, bordercommerce.com began a mission to put before the public an alternative to the border fence in the way of borderland development.

We believe in the border so much that we believe that it could become one of the most recognizable land marks in the world like Paris Seine River or New York Broadway or Las Vegas Strip.  Really!  We do.  Just how many large cities share a border with a large twin city?  That alone is one distinction without even developing the idea.

We have already gone from frustration with a border fence in the El Paso / Cd Juarez region to promoting a new idea to believing that this is the future.  Our first book is the idea realized as a blueprint.

Are you someone who can really help?

Well we do want to start the 

Border Commerce Research Institute to promote our 


The concept that economic development on both sides

of the border is the only real border security along

an urban border.