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Dear L. Frederick Francis, Chair 

The El Paso International Airport Air Service Development Incentive Program may be contrary to the Borderplex Economic Alliance objective for regional development. 

See details at this link about the current EPIA Incentive Plan 
El Paso International Airport Air Service Development Incentive Program

Some of what they propose may be encompassed within the Regional BiPlex Virtual Airport concept available at this link: 
Bi Plex Virtual Airport 

What is the rationale behind the second proposal? 

It would be to combine the economic resources of both El Paso and Cd Juarez. It would be to leverage the available flights at El Paso International airport and Cd Juarez Abraham González International Airport. It would be to make use of local business resources in the effort of market promotion and technical development of software that is necessary to carry out this promotional effort. It would require that both cities  unite behind one or two companies within the region with their tax monies which the awarded company or two carry out this mandate. 

The first being a good plan does not take advantage of local resources as does the second proposal. 

The second proposal: 
            directly awards those local technical wizards to develop a software package 
            that promotes local flights between both cities. 
            uses tax dollars to market both cities’ flights. 
            employs locally those talents to accomplish these goals. 
            does not compete against cross border airport. 
            allows these companies to generate other income. 
            creates demand for air service not directly tied to the region. 

We challenge the Borderplex Economic Alliance to take a regional approach to air service development as it is believed that regional development is their goal. Leadership is needed in this air service development which has already place the region second behind the San Diego / Tijuana region in innovative border air service development (see below).

We believe the Regional BiPlex Virtual Airport concept is just one of many examples of using the border as the centerpiece of economic development. It is because there is an international border that this type of virtual hub can take place here and not in 97 of the other 100 metro cities of the United States. 

As with El Paseo concept, the urban border is a titanic of economic opportunities. 

In the regional economic development of the area, the border must be held close to the bosom so that it may provide many of its small edgy opportunities not found within 99% of mainland USA. 

Additionally, see what Tijuana / San Diego are doing:

Example One
Example Two
Example Three
Example Four

A lesson to be learned from our sister border regional competitor.

See a problem with these air flights in the El Paso / Cd Juarez region?
Air flights

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