El Paso Arena

Multiple sites have been considered for the location of the new arena: Location

#1: City Hall Site The City Hall site has good access to Interstate 10, but is too small to accommodate the prototype arena footprint and ancillary development associated with the arena. Location

#2: Leon and Santa Fe Streets This site is located in the recently enhanced Union Plaza Area where there has been substantial streetscape improvements and a new parking structure. The site is well-located near existing downtown retail and commercial areas and adjacent to the existing Convention Center and hotels but would remove several blocks of existing infrastructure and building fabric. 


#3: Triangle below Paisano This currently vacant site is adjacent to the BNSF railyard. While the site does accommodate the footprint of an arena, its triangular shape makes the incorporation of parking or other structures difficult. Access to the site is provided by Paisano Drive. Location

#4: West of Union Depot The site west of Union Depot would be accessible from Paisano Drive and is large enough to accommodate the prototype arena footprint. However, it is slightly disconnected from the Downtown commercial and activity centers. 

Downtown El Paso is home to a variety of recreation, education, and cultural centers including the El Paso Museum of Art, the El Paso Museum of History, the El Paso Public Library, and the El Paso Convention Center, among other facilities. While these institutions foster and promote a great deal of energy in the Downtown, the El Paso Downtown 2015 Plan identified the addition of a new downtown arena which would become a regional entertainment destination. It was envisioned to attract national and international events.

The 2015 Plan sees the arena as serving as an adjunct facility to the existing convention center and increasing the overall capacity of El Paso to attract major conventions. It anticipated an economic benefit to the City based on the spillover effect into downtown retail and the Union Plaza and Golden Horseshoe districts.

The arena itself would be flexible, containing 15,000 - 18,000 seats to accommodate local and regional sports teams, and offer conversion for large-scale cultural events and convention/ exhibition uses.

The arena is intended to act as a catalyst for commercial opportunities downtown and draw larger entertainment acts to the City. However, funding remains a major hurdle. A variety of financing mechanisms should be considered to determine the true costs and benefits associated with an arena’s construction.here.

Page 181 of the Plan El Paso Vol I

Why we like this location?

It is one owner (mostly) and was a possible site from the beginning.  More importantly, Site 4 can do this:

     1 . Anchor west side of downtown.

     2.  Support use of Union Station which is isolated also.

     3.  Connect the San Francisco District that is also  isolated and disconnected.

     4.  Open that corner for new development along with arena.

Can you build over rail lines?  It appears so.