El Paseo 1st gathering.

Not officially on El Paseo Internacional del Norte but has the hallmark of what the future will look like.

People gathered on both sides of the border across from each other holding an event together on land which is suitable for both to occupy for the event.  It is roughly what we see the future for El Paseo.

Just imagine now that this event is elevated above the levee as a walkable surface.   The edges of El Paseo on both sides of the border are not metal fences as we know them today but 8 foot glass screens so not to fall over the elevated edge and to be able to look across to the other country.

A permit for stage where contact is made by humans from one country with the other could be part of the event or it could be a permanent feature is we call out for in Canta Palometa Concretus example.

For all practical purposes, you are seeing what the future looks like as a walkable surface we call El Paseo.

El Paseo Screen