has closed its GoFundMe account.  It may return to it at another time.

What do we need?

Permanent office location.

Full time effort promoting economic use of the urban border.

Fully developed concepts of the urban border wall, rural wall, and circle wall.  

Extensive use of graphics and architectural drawings for public display and update our 2nd book.

National public awareness campaign for an economically based solution for border security.

Create the seed money for Border Commerce Research Institute that will research also the questions we and others have raised with real professionals - economist, architects, civil engineers, city planners, traffic planners, military, security institutions, computer science - AI, and drone / robotics technology to secure 100 km from the borderline north or south of the border.

Please support us and thank you kindly for your interest.

Build This Wall GoFundMe

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Build This Wall GoFundMe