Virtual Hub

Example of the use of Section 307.2 and 307.3 Joint airspace and Consolidated Inland Port in the El Paso / Cd Juarez region.

It is a transportation connection between the El Paso International Airport and Abraham Gonzalez International Airport in Cd Juarez.

It would be bus links at first between the two airports until at some later time a light weight shuttle could be built.  

It would stop at a proposed Commercial Economic Hub / Pedestrian port of entry to pick up other passengers along the international border.  

By using this connection, passengers that take flights to El Paso Tx can quickly link up in Cd Juarez to continue an outbound flight to any destination in Mexico that Cd Juarez already serves.

And of course the reverse is true, 

All flights to Cd Juarez Chih can quickly link up in El Paso to continue an outbound flight to any destination in the US that El Paso already serves.

Thus, between both airports, they virtually become one airport for inbound and outbound flights in the region.

Locally, a technology company would take all inbound and outbound flight information between both airports and make it available on one website thus allowing marketing of those connections through this region.  It would be in both cities' interest to support those companies that promote both airports as a virtual airport hub.  The cities then need to organize this transportation connection with a long term goal of creating a fast speed shuttle.

Does Chicago to El Paso / Cd Juarez to Hermosillo sound like one such connection?

The most obvious connections are those where the flight path would cross in a straight line from the US to Mexico and in the revers direction. 

With considerable market presence built up over several years, other flights would just be routed through the region due to the scale of economy and frequency of flights available in the region.

El Paso should focus on increasing non-stop flights to other US cities while Cd Juarez focuses on increasing their non-stop flights to other Mexican cities.

Additionally, they should focus on additional flights of existing non-stop flights.

Coordinate the entry of new Canadian flights to either El Paso or Cd Juarez which ever is more feasible to make continue flights to other Mexican cities.

These two regional airports should work together to compete with other much more competitive regional airports.   Working separately, they cannot be a hub airport on their own.